The Cult of Mithras in Ancient Colchis


The cult of Mithras in Colchis was widespread from the Hellenistic period onward. This has been borne out by a fragment of a Colchian amphora discovered during excavations at the city-site of Pichvnari, bearing the circular imprint of a seal described in detail here (it depicts a horseman, a six-pointed star, a bird and a sprig). This cult made its way to Colchis from the neighbouring state of the Achaemenids. Its syncretic character enabled it gradually to blend into the cult of the sun, Helios being a widely venerated deity in Colchis. Mithras must have been the precursor of Saint George in pagan Georgia.

Gocha R. TSETSKHLADZE, «The Cult of Mithras in Ancient Colchis», Revue de l'histoire des religions, 2/1992, [En ligne], mis en ligne le 28 août 2007. URL : Consulté le 19 décembre 2007.

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