Eastern Black Sea Region—A sample of modular design in the vernacular architecture

Nilhan Vurala, Serbülent Vurala, Nihan Engina and M. Reşat Sümerkana aFaculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Karadeniz Technical University, 61080 Trabzon, Turkey Received 11 April 2006; revised 23 June 2006; accepted 13 July 2006. Available online 31 January 2007.

Rural settlements of Eastern Black Sea Region have an original architectural charateristics which are shaped by the climate and topographic conditions, local materials, and the social living style. But, this characteristic structure which is covering the vernacular houses, has been started to lose its specifications because of new buildings which are unconsidering the importance of local conditions and the architecture. The target of this study is to design model houses which are in accord with the vernacular architecture and climatic–topographic conditions, and will answer varying needs of the modern life. The realizations of these designs (with a prefabricated system which is easily carried, buildable on inclined topography, and simply installed) is important due to the regional conditions. Therefore, local texture will be saved, and a contemporary system will be adapted with the vernacular architecture.

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